Immediately after a Loss, contact your insurance company ASAP. A list of company numbers are listed below. If possible, have your policy number handy and be prepared to provide contact information so your adjuster can reach you throughout the claims process. It’s important that you provide all your phone numbers. Be sure to call your adjuster with new contact information as they change. Listen to your local TV or Radio stations for updated information concerning your insurance company’s claim instructions.


Americas 877-833-4163

LA Citizens 888-568-6455

Maison 844-962-4766

Lighthouse 877-852-0606

GeoVera 800-631-6478

Wright Flood 800-725-9472

What to do in the event of a disaster?

  • Contact your insurance carrier or agent to report a claim.
  • Make temporary repairs.
  • Make a list of damaged items.
  • Take photos or video of damage.
  • Start cleaning up.
  • Do not throw anything away until you have spoken with your adjuster. (Very Important)

What to do in the event of a property claim?

  • Take pictures of all damages
  • Do temporary repairs to protect property from any further damages.
  • Keep receipts for all temporary repairs.
  • Contact your agent and/or insurance company to report damages.
  • Call the police for all accidents